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During the five-day course the participants will get an in-depth understanding of the role of the facilitator and learn basic and advanced methods from the Technology of Participation (ToP®) series, developed by ICA.

Introduction to Facilitation

In this training the participants are being introduced to the diverse role of the facilitator. How can a facilitator use the power and diversity of a group and use many of its perspectives to reach an achievable goal that is owned by all members? What are the ground values of facilitation and participation, and what are its pitfalls? Participants get familiarised with a facilitation model that will give them a clear picture about what facilitation is and how it can be done.

Group Facilitation Methods

Three group facilitation methods are introduced: the focused conversation method, the consensus workshop method and the Action planning process. Participants learn to design and conduct productive group discussions and to capture the wisdom of the group. They also learn how to channel and guide participant input to integrate diverse and creative ideas and to build an informed group consensus. In the action planning process they learn a participatory method for planning short-term projects or for completing projects that have stalled. The methods will be demonstrated, talked through and practised.

Group Dynamics and Personal Development

There is a lot of dynamics in group work. A facilitator must be aware of his own communication style and must develop sensitivity for group dynamics as well as skills to address any problems related to this. How do you develop you listening skills, what are your own challenges when facing a group as a facilitator? How can plan your personal development as a facilitator? Group dynamics is approached through introductions, role plays and individual application and reflection. Also sessions on coaching and mentoring are included in the training.

Designing new facilitation sessions

How can you design a new participatory session to accomplish a goal with a group? Participants create an overview of different available facilitation methods and learn how to design new facilitation session from scratch. Also the practical issues concerning facilitation are being discussed with the group. All participants will walk away with a packed toolbox of facilitation methods that they can tailor to their own situation and needs.

The Training of Facilitators (ToF) is suitable for:

  1. Executives, Professionals, and people actively involved in Business Sector, NGO Sector, Churches, Government and Fund-raising Agencies.
  2. Field staff with no previous experience of facilitation who wishes to develop facilitation skills.
  3. Existing Organisations who wish to learn new skills or deepen their knowledge in participatory facilitation skills.
  4. Experienced facilitators who wish to refresh their skills and expand their knowledge.

The presented methods can be used in an infinite number of situations. When creatively combined and adapted, these methods serve as powerful tools for any size group to think and work together creatively and productively.

Course set up

The five-day Training of Facilitators is set up in a highly participatory way. Methods are demonstrated, talked through and practised. Participants are invited to create networks for further collaboration. Participants get a practical and comprehensive manual to take home to use all methods in their work.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


Course overview

Introduction to facilitation
Action planning Process


Method Walkthrough
Group Dynamics


Personal Communication Styles

Overview of Methods

Group work to integrate facilitation methods
Personal Development

Developing personal plans

Forming a network
Focused Conversation

Method walkthrough

Role Plays

Design of role plays on group dynamics

Role playing group dynamics

flexing your communication style
Session design

To learn and practise how to design new sessions
Forming a Network
of Facilitators

As a group, to go through a process of reflection on group facilitation and how to support each other as facilitators in a future network.
Consensus Workshop Method

Method walkthrough

Practising Focused Conversation Method
Practical Issues in facilitation

Practising the consensus workshop method

Working on practical issues in facilitation
Personal Development

Personal learning objectives
Practising Consensus Workshop Method
Personal Development

Personal communication style



The Training of Facilitators includes the foundation course in the Technology of Participation (ToP®) series. Advanced courses include the Participatory Strategic Planning and Secrets of Implementation.

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