In House Courses

See also: Have us come to you to facilitate

Substantial savings are possible when ICA's facilitators and trainers present courses for your staff at your location. Customizing these sophisticated courses allows them to become part of a comprehensive strategy for becoming a truly participatory organization.

All courses include:

  • Demonstrations of powerful methods in diverse situations
  • Theory of how the methods work
  • Practical examples of daily applications
  • Practice sessions for participants
  • Manuals, with optional book and video
  • Expertise to help you create your own pool of in-house facilitator

Who Could Use This Service?
Organizations that need to:

  • Implement self-managed teams
  • Improve employee and staff management relations
  • Continuously improve, develop, learn
  • Have dialogue on touchy issues
  • Hold effective meetings, conferences and presentations
  • Unleash their organization's creativity

Advantages Of This Service

  • Custom design-the course is tailored to suit the specific
  • Local follow-up by more than 200 trainers in 23 countries
  • One-day courses can provide a chance for more people to participate
  • Custom formats can focus on each of the ToP methods
  • In-house courses can be scheduled to fit your calendar-downtimes or when gearing up for new projects to get everyone on board quickly


  • New options to address issues
  • Improved communication skills
  • Less reliance on outside consultants
  • A permanent core of trained facilitators
  • Maximum staff participation, creativity
  • Smooth implementation of changes in the organization

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